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ta da

well, life in the day is long, but earlier today my german teacher, Mr. Mehner told us more of his childhood and the aftermath of WW2, he led the life of a refugee we only see in movies. and a big point he gave us was he also believes that once you cannot laugh at stuff and once you kill the kid in you life just isn't meaningful anymore. I have believed in laughter forever and the stories he told us were pretty creepy, but it was good to hear.

i respect that man more than any other, I consider him my mentor and rolemodel, he is very kind to everyone. I can only wish to become half the man he is... ever. i once posted in my journal that i am afraid of loosing all of my friends but now i see them around me clear as day

hope, it is the light in the darkness, very beautiful.

i can't really explain how i feel right now, just..... yeah
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