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enter the night

damn, these really are messed up days indeed.
back in the day when honor and virtue was treasured, well that isn't the way it works now I see. To hate is the only way many people can think of defending themselves, and many, many more people are in positions they themselves had no control over, because of another's mistakes usually. the only thing I can do is refuse to hate, and not give in to self pity, there is a certain thing without limits that once upon a time was known as the human spirit-- well its been forgotten that every soul on the planet poseses it within. so I'll plunge onward and help out wherever I can, when I'm needed, and I guess I'll try and inspire that spirit in others to come out. over all, never get in, don't let yourself be broken, but do what you have to, to survive.

"no turning back
no backing down
no where to run
no silent ground

no where to hide
no one to trust
no one to help you when you're lost
there's only ...us

It's all in your hands
so hold on, hold back the darkness
gotta take a stand
It's all in your hands."
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