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My thoughts on thoughts.

It is amazing how a person's phsyche (sp?) can limit them to what they can and can't do. Today Isaac told me he was working out the other day and was still sore from the workout. I asked him what he was doing on the bench press; he told me that he maxed out at 165lb. This is the same Isaac that runs from me if I approach him in an agressive manner. He also rassled with me the other day, and I beat him. I think his mind didn't let him beat me just because I am bigger than him and older than him. Bigger, does not always mean stronger. I think if he could really bech 165lb I would have a lot more trouble pinning him in a few seconds. But, the perpose of this paragraph wasn't just to rag on Isaac being Dimli. The purpose of this paragraph was to use an example of the mind preventing the body from accomplishing something.

Now, after reading that, think of someone you know, or have seen with that same problem. I'll bet it isn't too hard to do so. I see this problem as being fairly common in our society. As a whole, we are told what we can and can't do. What is within our grasp and what isn't. Sometimes it doesn't take someone else to make these barriers, often enough we do it to ourselves as well. We may just brush something aside stating that "I can't do THAT".

My point is to try. People change constantly, and limits set three years ago don't always apply in the present.

Now examine at yourself, which is much more important than examining others. Do you have any mental barriers preventing you from what you are truly capable of?

Think hard, be honest with yourself if no one else, and retest yourself.

I know I am.

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